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Raised in a Charismatic Pentecostal Christian household with a background in Christian theology and apologetics, Scotty personally identifies as a Unitarian Universalist; a movement that best represents his outlook and practices regarding inclusivity and community action. 
With his degree in Music and a grad.dip in Secondary School Teaching, Scotty has been a part of the Waikato Itinerant Music Scheme for 13+ years. In applying his musical background to a religious community setting, Scotty is enjoying his new role as the choir director for the WIFCO choir. Outside of work, in a personal application of his U.U. identity, Scotty likes to seek opportunities to serve the community.
He is currently volunteering with Poverty Action Waikato, a research based group raising awareness around local issues of economic inequality. Scotty is also volunteering alongside the Sathya Sai Baba community in Hamilton, who provide community meals on Tuesday evenings.
And he is also a member of the St. Peters mens cooking roster, who provide Saturday night dinner for the men at the Hamilton Christian Night Shelter.

Faith Community: Unitarian Universalist 

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