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Tena Koutou, Shalom. Originally from a multicultural and multi-faith community in Montreal Canada. My primary/intermediate school years were undertaken in a Jewish day school  and my High School and University experiences were in a culturally diverse population of migrants and refugees. I emigrated to NZ with my  husband in 1971 and both our children were born here and they grew up in Hamilton. I am a community artist which means being an arts / cultural educator and community project facilitator. I'm the Founder / Director of Artmakers Community Artists Trust, Hamilton.  As an artist, educator and storyteller I believe that our aspirations for peace and coexistence are best expressed through relationship building, creative processes, and by telling inspiring personal stories. When we study ancient & modern texts and decipher their wisdom we learn more about the human condition. These can be transferred by creating art, music & performances. My professional life has been dedicated to community development through the arts, in particular working with young people and children. I believes that we must invest in the next generation by helping them to recognise the powerful intellectual and emotional processes that we engage in when addressing the big questions of our existence. This deep exploration leads us to accept the richness of diversity, and learn to harmonise our differences for the common good.


Faith Community: Jewish

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