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Pam grew up in the King Country of New Zealand. She went to the University of Waikato to study psychology and philosophy. At that time she met travelling Buddhist teachers and was very inspired by their methods. She took up meditation and then proceeded to do the foundation practices of Tibetan Buddhism. She practiced in various Buddhist traditions in New Zealand including Zen in Nelson, meditation in the Thai tradition in Wellington as well as in the Tibetan tradition at centres in Colville, Auckland, Kaukapakapa, Tasman and near Tairua. She then went to Japan, and was an English teacher to save up to do an extended retreat in India. She lived in Japan for ten years and for short times was able to do retreats there. Then she lived in India for twelve years and for most of that time was in retreat. She took trips to England, Scotland and Sri Lanka and did retreats there as well. She returned to New Zealand in 2018 and since then has been the Buddhist representative for WIFC


Faith Community: Buddhist

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