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Ravinder arrived in New Zealand from India in 1970 and pursued his profession as an engineer in Hamilton. 


Ravinder has been a member of the New Zealand Sikh Society since 1973, and foundation member since 2008. The Gurdwara Sahib was the first Gurdwara to be established in New Zealand and Ravinder has held a number of positions on the committee over the years.


In 1976 Ravinder initiated the celebration of the Diwali Festival (Festival of Lights) in Gurdwara Sahib (Sikh temple) Hamilton. Diwali is now being celebrated not only in New Zealand’s Parliament, but throughout the country, bringing all communities together to celebrate and share in the significance of this colorful event.


Over the years Ravinder became a member of a number of charitable organisations and set about uplifting, promoting and sharing the richness of the many cultures that reside in Hamilton and the wider region. He assisted Massey University’s Religious Study Department, to compile information on Sikhism and Holy Granth Sahib (Holy Sikh Scriptures). Ravinder also co-ordinated with Dr Tiwari, Professor, Victoria University, author of the book “Indians in New Zealand” regarding the perspective of the Punjabi Community in Hamilton and surrounding regions and their contributions towards economic growth in New Zealand.



Since 2012, Ravinder has been President of Waikato Multicultural Council, (WMC), promoting the council’s vision of “Unity and moving forward as One,” WMC is proactive throughout the year working alongside many other charitable organisations promoting this vision by a variety of Multicultural Events and initiatives.


Ravinder has been recognized for his community services spanning over 50 years, and is a recipient of City of Hamilton Civic Award, Kiwibank Local Hero award and serves the community further as Justice of the Peace.


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